Rooster Acrylic Collage 16"x 16"

Rooster – Skinny
Acrylic Collage
18″x 18″ SOLD

Abstracted Rooster Acrylic collage 18"x24"

Abstracted Rooster
Acrylic collage
18″x24″ SOLD

Dude with Attitude Acrylic Collage 18"x18" SOLD

Dude with Attitude
Acrylic Collage
18″x18″ SOLD

Our dear colleague and fellow artist, Andrea, passed away on Mother’s Day afternoon. She has touched us with her works and her beautiful spirit. You have made a big impact on us all my friend.


Andrea has always enjoyed various means of artistic expression through drawing and writing and in 2005, this self-taught artist devoted more time to exploring her desire to paint.

She surrounded herself with many talented artists who generously shared knowledge and support. In 2009, 2010 and 2011,  Andrea took week-long formal workshops on mixed media with renowned artist, Brian Atyeo.

A member of the Art Gallery of N.S. and Visual Arts N.S., Andrea has participated in numerous solo and group shows in various galleries. Her work can be found in corporate and private collections internationally.

Artist Statement

An acrylic and mixed-media artist, I’m presently taking a journey in collage.  I want the viewer to see a place, time or event in a fragmented and pieced together way. I spend days preparing collage papers and planning compositions. Some of my creations are found to be to be quirky & fun and others, to be moody & thoughtful.

What hasn’t changed in my work is that I’m often driven by the urge to leave messages in my paintings and though I want viewers to come to their own conclusions I’m inclined to plant a seed. I’m an eclectic artist and prefer to work in series so I can transfer my ideas onto the next piece and watch them change shape and direction. I like paint on my hands and on my clothes, involving myself entirely in the process.