Day and Night Acrylic Mixed Media 36"x36" gallerie canvas

Day and Night
Acrylic Mixed Media
36″x36″ SOLD

How Dreams Work Acrylic on canvas 36"x36"

How Dreams Work
Acrylic on canvas

Last Call at the Voodoo Lounge Acrylic on canvas 36"x36"

Last Call at the Voodoo Lounge
Oil/Acrylic on canvas
36″x36″ SOLD

Soul Kitchen Acrylic on canvas 26"x36"

Soul Kitchen
Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 36″

Sunset Bat Tour Acrylic on canvas 36"x 36"

Sunset Bat Tour
Acrylic on canvas
36″x 36″ SOLD


Cindy graduated from the Alberta College of Art in Visual Communications and continued her studies at the University of Toronto, where she earned a B.Sc. AAM (Art as Applied to Medicine).


Cindy worked in the field of medical communications for 25 years in roles including Medical Illustrator and Creative Director.

Ongoing instruction through internationally recognized schools, including the School of Visual Arts in NYC, the Ontario College of Art and Design, the Dundas Valley School of Art, and the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, have provided additional tools for creative exploration and expression.

Cindy is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). Her work can be found in private collections throughout North America and in the private collection of the Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia.

Artist Residences

Cindy was one of 11 Artists from 9 countries chosen to attend the 9th International Residence “Mark Rothko 2013” at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia from September 6 – 25, 2013.

Artist Statement

My current series, ‘System/36’*, refers to the number of dots found in the majority of the paintings, as well as the 36” x 36” canvases on which most of the work has been done. These 3 dimensions of ’36’ also relate to the 3 dimensions I am hoping to convey in my painting – depth, movement and the added dimension of time. I achieve this through the building up of layers of paint and the visible, almost visceral, history of selectively unearthing layers by sanding, scraping and power washing. In contrast, I also provide the viewer with a sense of calm, of stability and an opportunity to ‘escape’ through the introduction of predictable graphic elements – notably my now well-recognized and well-received ‘dots’ – which are masked-off prior to the addition of any layers of paint. My paintings have been referred to as ‘Embellished Minimalism’.

As I use power sanding tools and power washing equipment in the development of my paintings, I am involved in a precarious dance of creativity – powerful enough to remove the resistance of acrylic paint, yet delicate enough to keep the surface of the canvas intact. I believe that the use of canvas, rather than the traditional use of wood panels for this type of working-style, increases the emotive reaction to the pieces.

*Of interest, IBM System/36 was also the name of a minicomputer marketed by IBM from 1983 to 2000.