Farm - Sculpture Wood, steel. aluminum, bronze 60"x22"x4"

Wood, steel. aluminum, bronze

Technoblivion Steel, Bronze Concrete

Steel, Bronze Concrete

Quagmire (female torso) Hydrocal

Quagmire (female torso)
Hydrocal – SOLD







Artist Biography

Like most artists, Jane works towards an articulation of her subjective experience within today‚Äôs contemporary world.  Humanity is a narcissist and all of its energies go into sustaining its sense of self.  Jane finds herself simultaneously compelled and repelled by the realities of our human condition. She explores issues of relatedness: to self, to other, to the world around us; how we live and understand our place.

Her sculptures are simple yet poignant statements, moving from grand landscapes of experience to explorations of the more subtle. She works mostly in the realm of the figure.

 Artist Statement

The work in this exhibition focuses generally on our relationship to nature. Within nature lie universal truths, and we are miniscule in her grandiosity. The earth is our shelter and we depend on her generousity to sustain us. The trees make our air, yet we cut them to build or to burn. Too often we live our lives oblivious to the hidden forces of our technologies and our post-modern conundrums.  Our existence wobbles at a fragile and awesome edge.