Rocker Thing Bronze 3.5 x 8.75"

Rocker Thing
3.5 x 8.75″

Reclining Figure Bronze 9.5"

Reclining Figure

Small Bust Bronze 3.25"

Small Bust
3.25″ SOLD








Born in Sault Ste Marie in 1950.  I am by and large a self taught artist.   In my twenties I was fascinated by theatre and for some years toured Northern Ontario with a small company of like minded actors, performing community centred political theatre .   What interested me was the intensity of performance, the focus on movement and the search for an authentic exchange.  Eventually, this led me to sculpture, mostly figurative, which I have been studying and creating for over 30 years.

Coming a bit full circle, I have gone from plaster sculptures to twelve foot carved figures to three inch bronze torsos, I who grew up in a northern steel mill town. In recent years, I have been privileged to have a few grants from the Ontario Arts Council.

Artist Statement

My intention with these studies is one of accessibility and intimacy.

They are meant to be handled and not just looked at, to provide a feeling sense of the image. Though small in stature many would merit being larger. However, I am interested in making it easier for people to interact and relate to the work, that it be a tactile and visual experience. In terms of production, a small bronze figure involves the same painstaking steps of production, from the original wax form through 22 steps to completion as does a larger figure. Many are a unique creation, some are part of an edition.

Having sculpted for 32 years, these studies provide a way to play with concepts and design ideas which have concerned me for many years.