Handcrafted Ring

Handcrafted Ring


I started making jewellery because I loved wearing jewellery. I was searching for elegant and unique pieces that were affordable and this was difficult to find. The next logical step was to make what I wanted.

I create each piece of jewellery in its entirety beginning with an idea, then transforming a sheet of metal and ending with the finished product you see here. Above all it excites me to see people wearing beautiful and elegant jewellery designs.

Jewellery needs to be seen, felt and tried on to be truly appreciated.

Artist Statement

My current work is exploring contrast in a wearable art piece and reworking classic techniques with a modern and elegant flare.  Cuttlefish casting is a rudimentary jewellery technique I’ve adapted to create series pieces. These pieces contrast the rough texture of cuttle bone with sleek and modern high polish finishes. My printed pieces use traditional damask and floral patterns with smooth jewellery shapes, bringing the ornamental to simple jewellery designs.

Kim Portrait